To build the child like you and I
To build the child like your and mine.


To provide shelter to orphans and unclaimed babies in a loving and congenial atmosphere. to cater
to the physical, emotional and intelectual needs of the children housed in the institution. To facilitate
adoption of the children to genuine couple.


Hope is located on the centre part of Guwahati, Tarun Nagar, (Bye lane No 7) about two
kilometers from Dispur (Capital of Assam) in the heart of Guwahati city, the Gateway of North East India.


The association generally is depend on donations and also made resort to subscriptions from the member.
We have FCRA registration. But no one can help for the noble cause. We have applied so many funding
agencies to help us but no one can come forward. All donations are 50% income tax exemption under
section 80 G of the income tax act, 1960


Janakpur, Yamini Path, House No.: 14, Assam, Kahilipara-781019
Dial. 098640-50226,099542-89948, 098642-68123, 098640-38806

E-mail:-info@hope-ind.in president@hope-ind.in
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