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Our main motto is to help orphan & destitutes children. We konw thousands of children in India become Orphans and destitutes or are abandoned by their parent(s) in every year. Infact the number of such children in the country is 30 million (as estimated by the institute of population studies 1991) Today more than a decade later the number is much higher. Left on their own at a tender age that requires most care and attention. In Assam the orphan & destitutes children more much higher than other state because of insurgency problem. Terrorist killed parents for different causes and then their childs become horeless. besides a few organisations no one boder about this problem. These unfortunate children have a black future, many of whom might become delinquent and a burden to society. Unless initiatives are taken to provide them love and security of a home.

A home for the homeless

We want build a home for the unfortunate children One such abode of love and security is hope an orphanage, a home for orphans and children disowned by their parents. A place where a child's fundamental rights to be cared for : emotionally, physically and spiritually are respected and protected. This will be an institution that offers childless couple the opportunity to legally adopt a child and build up a heaven for their own.

Janakpur, Yamini Path, House No.: 14, Assam, Kahilipara-781019
Dial. 098640-50226,099542-89948, 098642-68123, 098640-38806

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